Great triumph for Skol Vikings Monterrey

He complies with Cowboys Nation Monterrey and performs social work with the Football Grill Nation (FGN) family

The seed sown weeks ago by the FGN (Football Grill Nation) groups, Colts Crew Monterrey and 49ers Monterrey, continues to bear fruit, and a few weeks later, the Skol Vikings Monterrey and Cowboys Nation Monterrey clubs made a similar bet, where the true winner It was the Monterrey community.

Initially, the bet was agreed by Víctor Soto from Cowboys Nation Monterrey and Aldo Morales Salazar from Skol Vikings Monterrey, which consisted of donating 100 cakes with their soft drink to people who were outside the University Hospital.

Week 8 of the NFL 2021, and Vikings at home began dominating the game, but it was not enough … and Cowboys, without their starting quaterback, snatched the victory from the Nordics, with this would mark the fate of the bet.

The “Viking help” was not only reflected in the Monterrey fans, but also financially supported Vikings from Mexico City, Monclova, Saltillo and Chihuahua, all with the firm goal of helping.

But not only did the Vikings support, but Eduardo Cantú from Big Blue Monterrey and Carlos de la Garza from Steelers Dynasty Monterrey joined in, each donating 50 more sodas. Raúl Almaguer, former president of the Bernardo Reyes Fraccionamiento Vikingos club, donated another 50 soft drinks and 50 hot dogs.

The time for payment came and the historic Vikingos children’s club, chaired by Lizeth Torres and Carlos Luévano, opened its doors to start the preparation, which was carried out by fans of Vikings, Bills, Cowboys, Giants, Steelers, 49ers and Dolphins. Given the great support, the donation went up to 150 cakes, 50 hot dogs and 200 soft drinks.

“We are very tired from a week of work, but it is all worth it when it comes to helping,” said Víctor Soto, of Cowboys Nation Monterrey.

All united, regardless of the colors, and after more than an hour of preparation, the procession left for the basement of the Gonzalitos and Madero avenues bridge … and make the first deliveries.

Gonzalo Córdova from 49ers Monterrey, ´Iniciativa y Movimiento Apoya AC´, together with ´INYMO Apoya´ with the fundamental support of ´Calli´, a proud company from Monterrey, joined in to donate more than 200 kilos, including potatoes, pineapples, carrots, onions, tomatoes, bananas, nopales, mushrooms and various egg caps.

Although a part of those fruits was delivered in front of the University Hospital, the rest was taken directly, along with food and drinks, to the dining room of Father Infante and the hundreds of migrants who are currently experiencing a complicated situation.

“Today we were very pleased with the company of our Viking brothers and other great colleagues from the FGN Football Grill Nation clubs, 49ers, Vaqueros, Steelers, to pay bets and, most importantly, do social work for hospitals and migrant houses. . I invite more colleagues to join and support this cause that makes us stronger as a society, “said Gerardo Cañas, a fervent purple follower.

FGN Football Grill Nation, along with many fans of the NFL in Monterrey, he is preparing the “FGN te cobija”, an effort of all the fans of the NFL to collect blankets and donate them to those who need it most.

“This year due to a pandemic, we did not have Mega-Photo, but we all seek to do Mega-Help together, to show that we are more united, that we can do many more things, than just get together to watch the games. We are a very important face-to-face community, and we must take advantage of it to get him out and help those who need it, “concluded Aldo Morales Salazar of FGN Football Grill Nation.

The delivery will take place on Saturday, December 18, and you can find more information on the social networks of FGN Football Grill Nation.