Gredig directly: with On executives David Allemann and Marc Maurer

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Yesterday, 10:10 – 10:45 am

On has achieved what many entrepreneurs dream of: rapid growth, international success, lots of media attention. Within 12 years, the Zurich sports brand – in which Roger Federer also has a stake – has developed from a small start-up to a listed company worth billions. Last year’s IPO raised On hundreds of millions to continue growing. But it also meant that On had to disclose details that were not previously public: key figures on sales and profits – and of course: the salaries of the bosses.

At “Gredig direkt”, Co-CEO Marc Maurer and Board of Directors and co-founder David Allemann explain how and when the remuneration came about, how they deal with the criticism and whether wages will fall in the future.

They also explain what it means that, as executives of an internationally active company, they increasingly have to position themselves politically. After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, On had stopped sales in Russia. It is correct that companies are increasingly being held politically responsible. But: “Of course, it presents us with a lot of very exciting decisions, where there is often no right and no wrong,” says Marc Maurer.

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