Greece: Saved 31 people at sea. He was sentenced to 142 years in prison

As the “NYT” describes, the incident happened in December last year. A 28-year-old Somali man, thanks to his reaction in the Aegean Sea, saved 31 people aboard a sinking boat.

Six months later, Mohammad was sentenced to 142 years in prison for people smuggling. He is serving his sentence on the Greek island of Chios. Somali’s lawyers report that he still has “nightmares about that night”. Two people died during the crossing. Had it not been for his decision, “everyone would be dead”, according to Mohammad.

The New York Times found a copy of the Lesvos criminal court ruling. The letter dated May 13 explains that Mohammad was sentenced to a total of 142 years and 10 days in prison for smuggling illegal migrants into Greece. However, due to the Greek Penal Code, a Somali will spend a maximum of 20 years in a cell.

Źródło: “The New York Times”

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