Green light to the aid dl bis in the Senate, but the government’s attempt to approve the fiscal delegation fails

Palazzo Madama closes the doors. The Chamber will remain closed until the first call of the next legislature, the XIX. In the last session today, September 20, the senators approved the aid decree bis. And that’s it: the Draghi government failed to get the tax proxy to be voted on. The agreement reached by the parties at the beginning of the summer, in fact, provided that the tax measure was part of a broader agreement, including the bill onfair compensation and the one onlife imprisonment. The group leader at 2 pm, due to a series of crossed vetoes and absences of the senators, sanctioned that the package of measures would not have had the necessary support of the majority forces to be included in the classroom calendar. Mario Draghi tried to pass the fiscal delegation to the end. It is no secret: “I spoke to President Casellati, she told me that she will try to see if it can be scheduled,” said the Prime Minister at a press conference on 16 September. “There was an agreement with all the political forces – recalled Draghi -, that is, that the fiscal delegation would be voted on September 7. The government he undertook not to write the delegated decrees until the election date. The government has kept its word ”. But with the executive who resigned from the end of July and in the middle of the election campaign, ask the political forces to agree on a delicate subject such as the taxation was a bankruptcy business. So the senators, after giving the green light to the aid decree bis in third reading, began to leave the Chamber and sneak out of Palazzo Madama, suitcases in hand: the convocation, for those who will be re-elected on 25 September, is set for next 13 October.

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