Green Mortgage ➡️ Eco-friendly accessories for your home!

Green mortgage, the mortgage that the environmental care.

What is the Green Mortgage?

It is a product by Infonavit, which aims to provide resources to borrowers so that they can equip their homes with eco friendly accessories. These accessories are purchased with the various establishments certified by Infonavit.

The objective is that the borrower can acquire eco-friendly technology in order to save resources like water and electricity, such appliances are light bulbs, refrigerators, heaters, etc.

Green Mortgage Requirements:

In order to request it, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have processed your mortgage credit.

It is necessary to have a loan with Infonavit to be able to access this mortgage, because its objective is to obtain eco-technologies that are friendly to the environment, since it is intended that you buy accessories for your home that you previously bought with Infonavit.

  • Valid official identification: it can be your voting credential, passport, military card, etc.
  • Have a credit for eco technologies: the credit is normally offered to you when acquiring a house that does not have the necessary eco-technologies.

How to use my Green Mortgage?

When you sign your credit, you will be given a ValeYou can exchange this voucher at the different authorized stores as you would with any other voucher.

How to download the voucher?

To download this voucher you must:

1.— Enter My Infonavit Space

2.— Enter your SSN and the required catcha.

3.— Click on “Credit Certificate for eco technologies” and your voucher will automatically download.

Virtual mortgage

Similarly, Infonavit generates a virtual mortgage (this mortgage can be found on the Infonavit portal) and grants you a “virtual card” that performs the same function as the voucher.

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The virtual card works the same as all virtual cards, you can go to the different pages of the authorized stores and make your purchases virtually, in this way, the balance of your card will be discounted according to the purchases you make.

And now that?

Once the Voucher has been downloaded, you can go to authorized establishments to make your purchase. You must present your voucher at the time of payment instead of presenting your money. Remember that they cannot offer you change for the purchases you intend to make, for example, if your credit is for the amount of $ 10,000.00 you can only use it for eco-friendly products and even cover that amount.

Is the Green Mortgage a Credit?

Yes, however, you are restricted to purchasing eco friendly accessories. So you can only use it to buy these accessories.

How can I exchange my voucher for cash?

The program does not allow the exchange of the voucher for cash, it is advisable not to try it, since many of the people who suggest the change are scammers.

What providers can I approach?

Some providers certified by Infonavit are:

  • Home Depot.
  • Boxito
  • Invelmex.

Is the Green Mortgage credit mandatory?

Yes, since all the homes financed by Infonavit must have eco-technologies that help to conserve the planet.

If your home is new, it is most likely that you already have these technologies because Infonavit asks as a requirement to sell your homes that have these eco-technologies.

What happens if I don’t use my Green Mortgage credit?

You will not see it reflected in your account, however, it is an obligation to have such eco technologies, so if your house does not have them, you will have to change them on your own or, failing that, use the Green Mortgage.

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In addition to seeing savings reflected in your water and electricity bills, you have the security of taking care of our planet.