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Green Pass, how to get it without the sms or the mail of the ministry

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The downloads of the Green pass. As of July 14, as announced by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, 28 million and 400 thousand green certifications have been downloaded in Italy. Who can ask who all those who have been administered one or two doses, who has carried out a swab (with negative results) and who has recovered from Covid. To download it you need to have a code called AUTHCODE. But not everyone has received it yet, even if they have done both doses of the vaccine. However, European certification can still be obtained by first carrying out some checks and then, possibly, by contacting a dedicated number.

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Green pass, how to get it without sms

It may happen that the text message or the email with the AUTHCODE code, the one needed to download the Green pass, did not arrive despite being vaccinated with one or two doses. In this case, then, you can first proceed with a check on the IO App or on the site created specifically for European certification: dgc.gov.it. In both cases, however, it is necessary to have it Spid, that is digital identity. If you do not have the Spid, then you can call the call center 1500. It is important to have the health card at hand because some data will be asked. The request will be taken care of immediately, as reported by the Ministry of Health, which will issue the authentication code with which to download from Immuni or from the site without Spid / CIE.

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The IO app to get the Green Pass

If you have the IO App on your mobile phone, then you can check if the Green Pass has already arrived. Even if you have not yet received the SMS or the email with the code, because it is not necessary for the free Italian mobile application, created by the Department for Digital Transformation. On this, the certificates are loaded automatically. Therefore, there is no need to wait for the arrival of the SMS with the AuthCode code. However, it is necessary to authenticate on the IO app, for which the Spid or the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is required.

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