Green politician Robert Habeck rages on plastic garbage: “The Solve shit problem! “

Green politician Robert Habeck rages on plastic garbage: “The
 Solve shit problem! “

It’s probably only one ARD Compulsory appointment for Frank Plasberg. The first one sends the fourth part of his wonderfully illustrated marine documentary “The Blue Planet”. Sure, there’s Plasberg’s Monday talk “Hard, though fair “to problematize the beautiful underwater world. “An ocean of plastic – drowning the seas in our garbage?” Is raised as a question. We see dead animals, the seabird, which has been pierced by a single plastic toothpick – yesterday’s miracle world of nature, today a decaying, stinking lump. 150,000,000,000 pounds of plastic float in the sea. That should be equivalent to about 150,000,000,000,000 plastic toothpicks and potential murder weapons. Demeter also welds the cauliflower in plastic It feels like we Germans do not care anymore. We are world champions in the waste separation, we believe. But we are Germans with 37.4 kilograms per capita per year and European champion plastic waste. Moderator Frank Plasberg shows his talk round a cauliflower the top organic brand Demeter, shrink wrapped in plastic wrap. The indignation is great. “Half of this garbage,” says Robert Habeck, “floats in the sea.” Green? That is again: bad conscience, more prohibitions Especially Habeck is talking in anger. “We must,” he demands, “solve this crap problem!” The otherwise cool top green shows what his party likes: bad conscience, prohibitions, higher taxes. “We do not need better people,” lulls Habeck. “We need a better policy!” And then it comes, the demand for the tax increase for plastic to punish the consumer for any grip on packaging. The Greens drink from disposable cups The factual counter-arguments come from all sides. At some point, even the biologist Heike Vesper, head of the Department of Marine Protection at the WWF defended the plastic wrap. It could serve to extend the shelf life of food – and also make ecological sense. Trade and marketing expert Thomas Roeb continues to argue that a plastic tax hike will not be enough to rebuild the consumer over the price: “We can triple the price of packaging without changing our buying behavior.” And Rüdiger Baunemann, Chief Executive of PlasticsEurope Germany, brave enough to go to this round, reports from the Green party congress in Hanover where coffee was drunk from disposable plastic cups.
There is a survival without outer packaging Hope brings the talk to a mother – and she brings a wonderfully simple story. Her son Paul asked her to do without plastic garbage in everyday life. The family of four, including the baby, is on the right path. The butcher gets the minced meat in the Tupper box. Vegetables may only be placed in the shopping basket without packaging. On demand Frank Plasberg assures the mother that survival without printed expiration dates can succeed. “We do not eat against rotting,” assures the consumer. And she says, “I believe that consumers have power.” There is hope for the seas. And all without tax increase. In the video: “Traumschiff” captain Siegfried Rauch dies after a fall

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