Greenpeace Magazine | With the participation of Russia: military maneuvers on the border with Afghanistan

Dushanbe (AP) – With the participation of Russia, the Central Asian states of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan want to start a military maneuver on the border with Afghanistan on Thursday. More than 2,500 soldiers are taking part in the exercise in the Khatlon region of Tajikistan, which is scheduled to last until August 10. Russia, which has its largest foreign base in the ex-Soviet republic of Tajikistan, is represented by up to 1,800 soldiers.

During the maneuver, among other things, the defense against terrorists invading from abroad is to be trained. The soldiers should also practice repelling enemy tanks and drones.

Russia views the advance of the militant Islamist Taliban in connection with the withdrawal of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan with concern. Moscow recently also announced an expansion of its Central Asian bases. Hundreds of members of the Afghan security forces had recently fled to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for fear of the Taliban.