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A depressing scene starring two journalists shook Brazil and social networks from much of the world. Augusto Nunes, 70, radio commentator Jovem Pan, and Glenn Greenwald, director of The Intercept Brazil, they fought live and the discussion ended with Nunes' physical attacks on the American journalist and lawyer. They were sitting together during the program Panic, which has a large audience in the country, when Greenwald claimed a comment from Nunes on September 1 on a program of this station. Nunes hinted that Greenwald and her husband, Deputy David Miranda, spent little time on their two children, who are adopted. He noted that Miranda works in Brasilia (450 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro), while Greenwald, according to Nunes, was engaged in fighting on Twitter or using "stolen messages", in reference to the exchange of messages leaked by The intercept of the prosecutors of Lava Jato case. "This should be investigated by a juvenile court."

This Thursday, Greenwald sent Nunes his comment on his children. “He (Nunes) said that a judge should investigate our children and decide if we should lose custody. They said they should go to a shelter, without any basis, accusing us that we don't care about their care, ”Greenwald said, although Nunes didn't use those words exactly. Nunes maintained that his comment was an irony, in a humorous tone and that Greenwald did not know how to interpret it. "I invite you to show at what time I asked a court to do that (take your children to a shelter)." The reporter of Jovem Pan He denied that he had mentioned the word court, although in fact he did.

Greenwald got angry and called Augusto Nunes "cowardly" four times. Seconds later, Nunes lost control and attacked Greenwald, who also rose. The radio program is broadcast live, on video, through social networks, so in a matter of seconds all of Brazil heard about the fight between the two famous journalists, who had to be separated by program personnel that were subsequently interrupted.

In a country divided by the political fray, Nunes and Greenwald occupy opposite trenches. The first is a radio commentator Jovem Pan, related to the right and that supported Jair Bolsonaro in his career towards the presidency. This is a respected columnist, with several books that are used as a reference for journalists, although he radicalized his speech in recent years. Claim the attacks on the Workers Party (PT) and unconditionally support the Lava Jato operation that former president Lula da Silva took to jail. Greenwald – also known worldwide – is a critical voice with the narrative imposed by the Government of President Jair Bolsonaro, who describes the PT as being the most corrupt party in Brazil and believes that Lava Jato is the panacea of ​​Brazilian corruption. The intercept Brazil played a fundamental role in an investigation known as Vazajato, in which EL PAÍS also collaborated, and that shed light on the actions of the prosecutors of Lava Jato, and then judge Sérgio Moro. The reports of Vazajato They shook the credibility of Moro's trials and questioned the hypothesis that it was an impartial operation.

The fight between the two journalists set fire to the networks, and the loss of control of Nunes reflected the moment of extreme polarization that Brazil is experiencing. The scene was used on Twitter as an example of how the press should be attacked, the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) warned.

This Tuesday Nunes won the national award for the best opinion columnist and best political journalist. After the numerous attacks he assured that he was always a person who knew how to deal with different opinions and that he had never fought in this way, until this Thursday. The journalist responded in a video published on social networks and said he was carried away by his instincts, but avoided admitting that he crossed a red line by using the Greenwald family to tie him up. The station Jovem Pan He apologized to his listeners and Greenwald.

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