Greg Yega and Mélanie Orl already as a couple: they formalize their reconciliation!

While Melanie Orl and Greg yega have been spinning the perfect love since the filming of Marseillais VS The rest of the world 6, a violent argument would have broken out between them in a hotel, to the point that the police should have intervened. A violent argument that did not cause their breakup, but they still decided to take a break a few days later. Mélanie has also decided to leave Greg’s home to return to her family in Lyon: “I need to find myself, to talk with my family, my friends and to clear my mind a bit“explained the candidate.

Mélanie Orl and Greg Yega reconciled!

For his part, the ex of Maëva Ghennam confided that even were cold, they remained in contact: “We’re still sending messages to each other. I only want one thing, and that is to get it back.“Well, a successful mission for Greg Yega since he reconciled with Mélanie Orl! Yes, already. It was during a gender reveal evening at Mélanie’s cousin that the two influencers formalized their reconciliation. are filmed kissing in the story, which leaves no doubt: “I missed him“posed in legend the ex-candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6.

For the Marseillais, “Love always wins“. Greg Yega and Mélanie Orl, accused of going out with him just for his notoriety, have therefore quickly found each other. Let’s hope that it lasts and that they do not announce their new breakup in a few days!

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