San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich supported Democrat MEP Beto O'Rourke on Saturday in the Texas Senate.

Popovich called the Texan Democrat a "special guy" on Saturday and said he felt "like what I think was an American" when he talked to the media before his team's match against the New Orleans Pelicans, My San reported Antonio.

"They get tired of all the lies and the split, the scare and the racial rush, which reduces us all," said Popovich. "We all feel weird and when I think about Beto or I hear what he says I feel like what I thought was an American, he's great, he's intelligent, he's civil."

The coach, who had won five Spurs NBA championships, also praised O & Rourke for having visited all 254 Texas throughout his campaign.

"He was everywhere because he takes care of all the people and does not work with PACs (Political Action Committees) and companies and all these things, he just does the work," said Popovich.

Popovich, a staunch critic of President TrumpDonald John TrumpCurbelo explains why he forgave the man who tweeted the threat of death. Obama accuses Trump of being a "political stunt" for border politics. The registration of voters in California reaches an all-time high before the meantime reaches MOREHe was reportedly targeting O'Rourke's Republican opponent, reigning Texas Sen. Cruz, during the media meeting on Saturday night.

"Leaders are brave," said Popovich, according to the local branch. "Leaders behave according to their standards and principles, they have the courage of their beliefs, they are not bad, they do not kiss for their personal gain. [O’Rourke] is for the people. He wants everything to be fair. He wants justice. He wants us to respect our democratic institutions so that we are proud to be American. You can not be proud of the culture wars that have started, and the whole world is looking at us as a leader, and it is not there. "

"That's why people like Beto are so important because he embodies that, he's there for us, he's not there for his personal advantage and his position, and when people are as desperate as his opponent, that scares me," added Popovich , "Doing what Mr. Cruz has tried to get elected is very scary, it's about the self, it's not about the rest of us, and Beto is the opposite of it, and that's why I think he's is great. "

O & Rourke thanked Popovich for his support on Twitterand said, "Thank you, coach. Very honored to have your support. "

The NBA coach's support comes one day after wearing a hat in support of Texas Democrat during his team's training on Friday.



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