Grenades until People Shot Dead


Elections to replace President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime have begun in the Philippines. The excitement of the election in the Philippines was marked by a number of horrific incidents ranging from grenade explosions to shootings that occurred before and some time after the election took place.

Ten candidates are vying to replace President Rodrigo Duterte in the election, seen by many as the moment that makes or breaks the Philippines’ fragile democracy.

But only the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Marcos Jr., and his rival Leni Robredo, but the incumbent vice president also participated in the country’s elections. These three are the ones who have a great chance of winning.

Since before dawn, masked voters formed long queues to cast their ballots at 70,000 polling stations across the Philippines.

Grenade Explodes Hours Before Philippine Election

Hours before the election, a grenade reportedly exploded in the restive region of the southern Philippines. 9 people were reportedly injured as a result of the explosion of 5 grenades.

The attack reportedly took place on Sunday evening in the Datu Unsay municipality on the island of Mindanao, a base for a range of armed groups ranging from communist insurgents to Islamist militants.

Minutes later, a grenade also exploded in the neighboring town of Shariff Aguak, but there were no casualties. Both cities are located in Maguindanao province.

Watch the video ‘The Son of the Ex-Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos Wins the Vote While in the Election’:

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