Grenoble lose to Angers in the second game of the Magnus League final

The day after a first victory 5 goals to 2, the Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble lost on Wednesday evening against the Ducs d’Angers 3 to 1. A meeting where the Angevins posed much more problems for borrowed Grenoble residents. The two teams are therefore back to back with a victory everywhere in this Magnus League final which will now go to Angers for games 3 and 4, Saturday and Sunday. This means there will be no matter what a fifth game next April 13 in Grenoble.

Relive the highlights of the second game

It’s over, Angers win 3-1

60′ : It’s over at the South Pole. Les Brûleurs de Loups lost 3 goals to 1. See you Saturday and Sunday in Angers for matches 3 and 4 (6 p.m., then 8.30 p.m.).

58′ : Grenoble takes out its goalkeeper and tries everything for everything. The Grenoble cage is empty.

53’49 : Cold shower at South Pole. The rink exults on a goal by Tuppurainen, but the goal is disallowed by the referees for an obstruction by Aurélien Dair who also goes to jail for two minutes.

52’15 : New opportunity from Angers. Stepanek intervenes and maintains hope for the BDL.

46′ : Halley Ice South Pole. Festival striker Anvegin, who deceives Stepanek. Angers leads 3-1. Grenoble is back to the wall.

45′ : Another 15 minutes. Grenoble is behind, and must do more because for the moment the Burners of Wolves are a tone below compared to the first match of this Magnus League final.

42’23” : Angers regains the advantage. Halley takes advantage of an approximation of the Grenoble defense to allow the Dukes lead 2-1.

40′ : Beginning of the third third. 20 minutes to make the difference and avoid going through sudden death overtime.

The South Pole ice rink is once again sold out tonight
The South Pole ice rink is once again sold out tonight
Fabien Baldino

End of the second third

40′ : Very balanced second third, the two goalkeepers let nothing pass, the two teams are neck and neck, a real showdown, and a parity score, 1-1.

35’36 : Less than 5 minutes to go in this second third, and Grenoble will have two minutes of superiority to play.

27’53 : Stepanek holds the house! The Grenoble goalkeeper wins in a face to face with an Angevin striker.

26′ : Still 1-1 in a much more tactical and tight match than the day before. Obviously each defense has adapted to the opposing attack.

21’28 : The two teams at 5 against 5, new penalty killed by the Burners of Wolves

20′ : The game resumes.

End of the first third

20′ : The two teams are back to back 1-1 at the end of the first periodbut Grenoble will start the second period shorthanded after a whistled penalty against Flavian Dair.

18’39 : The Angevine defense held firm. Still 1-1, and the two teams are 5 against 5.

15’54 : Double numerical superiority to follow for Grenoble for 1’15 “!

12’59”: The answer of the BDL!!!!! Peter Valier recovers from his mistake and equalizes after a good action with Adel Koudri and Flavian Dair. 1-1 between Grenoble and Angers.

8’12 : Opening of the scoring for Angers. Maurin Bouvet recovers in the offensive zone a puck badly revived by Peter Valier, and deceives Stepanek. 1-0 for the Angevins.

6’20” : First penalty against Angers, but Grenoble does not materialize. In the process, the first shot on target of the match for the Dukes. Jakub Stepanek, the Czech BDL goalkeeper blocks the shot.

3′ : Still no goal in this match, disputed by the 4208 spectators of a South Pole ice rink once again sold out.

20:15 : Let’s go to the South Pole!!!!

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