Griezmann at Athletico; Luke de Yong to Barസa | Atletico Madrid

Madrid ‌ Atletico Madrid have bought back French striker Antoine Griezmann, who paid 12 12 million (approximately Rs 1,036 crore) for Barcelona in 2019. With hours left to close the transfer window, Athletico’s favorite was brought back to the team on loan. Griezmann, who missed out on Atletico Madrid’s excellence at Barസa, scored just 22 goals in 74 games for the Catalan club.

Griezmann has been replaced by Sevilla’s Dutch striker Luke de Yong on a Barcelona loan. Real Madrid, meanwhile, have been left without a chance to sign French club PSG’s Frenchman Killian Mbabane. Despite rumors that Real were willing to pay 20 20 million (approximately Rs 1729 crore) for the 22-year-old, PSG did not give up on the final day.

English Summary: Atletico Madrid re-sign Antoine Griezmann on loan from Barcelona



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