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"Felix the Reaper" comes with a good dose of humor on PC, Mac and consoles. Photo: dpa-tmn

© Kong Orange

What does death actually do after work? This not quite annoying question is followed by "Felix the Reaper" and tells a story of love and a life in the shade.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – How does death actually live? An interesting question, dedicated to the development studio Kong Orange in "Felix the Reaper". The game in distribution by Daedalic Entertainment tells the story of Grim Reaper Felix. He is literally in love with Betty immortal.

It is the familiar and tragic story: they can not come together. He works for the Ministry of Death – and Betty for the Ministry of Life. But Felix manages to work in the field. That is, the probability of an encounter is quite present. Of course, his job is actually to bring the living into the realm of the dead. But there must always be time for love.

Love in love must avoid the light

The story is told sensitively. When gameplay sets
        "Felix the Reaper" full on 3D puzzle. Because death Felix is ​​of course a being of the shadow. Therefore, he must avoid the light in the world of the (still) living. Practical that he can manipulate his environment and draw about shadow paths. He moves prancing across – yes, death can dance – from platform to platform.

"Felix the Reaper" runs on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 for around 20 Euro each. The title is released from 12 years.

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