Groningen foundation that fights against depreciation due to earthquakes wants to stop

The Foundation for Valuation by Earthquakes Groningen (WAG) plans to stop the legal proceedings against the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). This is stated in an invitation that all members have received for the annual meeting of the foundation.

The board does not want to pre-empt the content of the meeting. “We are indeed on our way to the exit, but that takes some time,” says WAG board member Francis van der Kamp at RTV Noord. “We want to discuss this calmly with our members first.”

In the letter to the members, the WAG writes that it will assist members with an application to the IMG, the Groningen Mining Damage Institute, an independent administrative body.

more insecure

More than a year ago, the WAG board called on the members to think carefully about whether they want to continue with the collective case against the NAM, after they realized that going to court is more uncertain than an application to the IMG.

After a court ruling, it is not allowed to claim money for the depreciation of a home from the IMG.

Many WAG members have acted accordingly. The foundation currently has about 1350 members. Until two years ago, about 4750 people took part in the mass claim.

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