Groove: four zonal parks will become vaccination centers from Tuesday, May 10

From this Tuesday, May 10, four parks of Groove they will become decentralized vaccination clinics where vaccines against COVID-19 will be applied to the population from the age of 5. The parks arranged by the district municipality are Friendship Park, Indira Ghandi, Julio Cesar Tello y Henry Martinelli.

These vaccinations will serve until next June 04 and for 5 consecutive days a week. This is a joint effort between the Municipality of Surco and the Ministry of Health (Minsa) to bring pending immunizations closer to those who need them.

To access the free service, people only need to bring their ID and show their vaccination card, either physical or digital. Attention is for neighbors from any district or part of Peru.

“On this occasion, decentralized vaccinations have been carried out and we are giving them sustainability for almost a week at each point. Here in Surco we are half a million inhabitants. The entire population that passes through here is welcome,” he explained. Viviana MezaManager of Social Development at Surco.

The official added that the hours of operation will be from 9 in the morning until the stocks run out, which on average happens at noon.

Other vaccines

Likewise, other inoculations will be given, such as the pneumococcal vaccine, for those over 60 years of age; HPV for girls ages 9-13; diphtheria and tetanus for women ages 12 to 49 and men ages 16 to 64; and hepatitis B for men and women aged 16 to 59 years.

The vaccination centers are located at the following addresses and will attend at the detailed times.

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Friendship Park

Block 22 of Caminos del Inca avenue, near the intersection with Benavides.

From Tuesday May 10 to Saturday May 14

Indira Gandhi Park

Junction of Jirón Barlovento and Calle Teodoro, behind the Polvos Rosados ​​shopping center

From Tuesday May 17 to Saturday May 21

Julio Cesar Tello Park

Block 5 of the Esteban Cámere jirón, in the San Roque oval

From Tuesday May 24 to Saturday May 28

Enrique Martinelli Park

Block 15 of Ayacucho Avenue, near the intersection with Benavides

From Wednesday, April 1 to Saturday, June 4.