Group “A-Studio” released a video filmed in Tula Konduki – News of Tula and region

Frame from the video.

Group “A-Studio” presented a video filmed in Tula Konduki. The shooting of the video for the song “Ce la vie” took place in our region at the end of September.

The lead singer of the group Keti Topuria wanted the video to be filmed in the desert.

– Everyone started laughing at me, they say, where are we going to find the desert in Russia now? I say, guys, we are in Russia, everything is there, – said the singer in an interview with Channel Five.

As a result, all the locations that Keti needed were found in Konduki.

– In these canyons, we built our mirror stage. It turned out to be very big and beautiful. When we were shooting the video, I even got the idea to do a big concert there. Amazing view of this scene against the backdrop of the mountains! And we were lucky with the weather – we found the last warm autumn days, – said the musician Baigali Serkebaev.


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