Grouper is banned for supporting itself! He went to the market store and “didn’t sell it”, a sour sentence on the Internet | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Life Center/Reported by Lin Yunxuan

▲China said that Taiwan’s grouper has banned the import of banned drugs, and Taiwanese people want to buy grouper in the market, but they can’t buy it. (Picture/Data Photo)

China announced without warning that it will suspend the import of Taiwan grouper from June 13, which has shocked many fishermen. Thousands of tons of grouper do not know where they are sold. The Council of Agriculture immediately responded with plans, providing various measures to minimize the damage, and the catering industry supported “eat your own grouper by yourself”. However, some netizens followed suit and went to the market and store to support Taiwan grouper, but they couldn’t find any place to sell it, which made him quite confused.

A netizen said in a puzzled Facebook post, “●[Explosion and Waste Commune]●”, “If you go to the market or hypermarket, you can’t find any stall that sells grouper. Why is it? What?” He revealed that salmon, red sweetmeat, cod, and broccoli are common in the market, but no grouper was seen, which caused heated discussions among netizens.

Some people bluntly said, “People who raise grouper ~ they don’t want to sell cheap ~ the price of the hypermarket is not good ~ they don’t want to go”, “It’s still very expensive to sell cheap, won’t it flow to the general store? Unless it’s sold at a low price”, “It’s not enough to eat at all. Nope! I thought China would ban food! I lied to Xiao Yan”, “Because it’s too expensive, the fishmongers don’t buy any, and they lose money if they can’t sell it.” In addition, many netizens are sour, “This is not affordable for civilians… We can only buy Taiwan sea bream (Wu Guoyu)”, “I buy Wu Guoyu to support Taiwan”, “High-end grouper products will only appear in high-end restaurants and restaurants.” It’s on the table, so we’d better eat the tuna.”

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However, there are also professionals who jumped out and said that the market does not see groupers because “1. The cost of breeding is high, and the price of a single piece is high. 2. The scales of the fish are difficult to scrape, the meat is rich in oil, and it is difficult to slice and cook separately. 3. For the above reasons, cultured groupers are Most of them are sold to mainland restaurants in vivo, and rarely appear directly in the Taiwan market.”