Growing up with Kinder makes the presentation of his book “Lenny and Leo”

Recounts the adventures of Lenny (elephant) and Leo (lion) in a magical world with their little jungle friends

Santo Domingo.-Growing up with Kinder with their growth formulas Milex Kinder Gold and Milex Kinder released the book “Lenny and Leo” written by Anya Damirón and illustrated by Pablo Pina. It took place in Ágora Mall where local exhibitors, parents and entities that promote reading from an early age were present.

“This is the first book that we developed with the characters of Milex Kindergarten and Milex Kindergarten Gold, it recounts the adventures of Lenny (elephant) and Leo (lion) in a magical world with their jungle friends. The purpose of this book is to reach all children contributing to their development as human beings. Reading is very important to stimulate their creativity, imagination and grow by developing their reading habit from an early age. ”. Expressed Franchesca Francisco, Category Manager for Milex Kinder Gold from Arla Foods.

Mrs. Francisco also pointed out that Milex kindergarten Gold for more than 10 years has promoted the importance of reading from an early age as it contributes to social, emotional and cognitive development.

During the international children’s and youth book fair of Dr. Juan Carlos Toral we will have a donation program together with CIDIChildren Fund, “I give away a book full of Imagination” where we can all donate storybooks and as a legacy bring those books to children of low-income so that they also fall in love with reading, develop their imagination and have fun in the healthiest way, which is reading something that entertains them while they grow up learning because All children deserve to have a book in their hand and put their minds to flight.

Milex Children’s Gold It is a growth formula enriched with vitamins and minerals that promote optimal development. Contains a combination of 3 probiotics that promotes resistance to infections, improves digestion and stimulates the absorption of nutrients, everything that little ones need to strengthen their immune system and mental development.