GT Master Edition realme wins the title of best phone in terms of design for 2021…

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The beauty of the phone, the innovative design and the powerful performance are still the most important thing that distinguishes the smartphone, especially in light of the strong competition between companies and the great similarities in the design. But it seems that realme has another opinion regarding the design of its smartphones, and it had a clear imprint on that. It hired world-class designer Naoto Fukasawa for this task a few years ago. Indeed, this cooperation has borne fruit, and realme phones have won many design awards. realme X Master Edition and realme X2 Pro have won many awards, such as “2020 Red Dot Design Award”. The GT Master Edition realme also received the IF Award for Smartphone Design, as the all-new phone has a unique and innovative revolutionary design.

It seems that this will not be the last prize that this phone harvested; The Basrawi News Encyclopedia website announced that the Realme GT Master Edition phone was named the best smartphone in terms of design for the year 2021, according to the site’s editorial board evaluations, which all praised the elegant and unique design of the phone, which made it top the evaluations for the year 2021.

Naoto Fukasawa – the global Japanese designer in designing this phone, was keen to reflect his own experience and life experiences in travel and exploration, which allowed him to identify the differences around the world, as he said, “I wanted from the beginning to design a phone for all people, especially positive, active and life-loving people.” . Fukasawa was inspired by the design of the new phone from the travel bag, which represents the most important and most symbolic of travel and travel, where Naoto designed the phone in the form of a travel bag and developed a miniature model of it that includes all the details, including the horizontal lines that include it, as if he wanted to arouse the imagination And motivate the user to think about traveling by just seeing the phone. Fukasawa’s use of gray with a low saturation degree makes the user feel comfortable and calm, while the vegan leather that represents the outer skin of the phone feels soft like children’s skin, which gives the user a wonderful experience of the texture of the phone when using it.

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realme GT Master Edition is the first ever phone with a vegan leather design. realme has succeeded in using vegan leather in the Realme GT Master Edition phone, which is the first industrial process of its kind for concave vegan leather in the world of smartphones. Not only that, but it was able to transform the polymer into a three-dimensional shape, through difficult and precise processes that require high processing accuracy to reach the final gradient (concave) shape that resembles a travel bag in order to amaze users and motivate them to travel and discover.

On the other hand, the phone succeeded in blending elegant design and high technical capabilities, which represents a qualitative leap in the mobile phone industry at the global level, as the GT Master Edition phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G 5G data processor with advanced 6nm processor technology, and it consists of 4 A78 cores with a frequency Mains up to 2.4GHz enabling integrated and powerful performance. The phone supports the 90 frame feature for the most enjoyable Honors of Kings game experience. . This is one of the best gaming phones ever, giving users an unprecedented gaming experience. The realme GT Master Edition also allows gamers to turn on the GT mode which allows the device to maximize the phone’s CPU performance with a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz, Ultra-Reality Enhanced Picture Quality, and playback of visual effects for the highest quality videos. Ultra-HD Visual Effects for an unparalleled gaming experience. GT mode also enables quick game launch and 4D vibration effect, for a multi-dimensional gaming experience for all gamers and adventure enthusiasts. The realme GT Master Edition phone is also equipped with a gigantic 4300 mAh battery supported by a 65W ultra-fast charger that works with SuperDart charging technology and can charge 100% of the phone’s battery in just 33 minutes. This is in addition to a steam chamber with a total area of ​​1729.8 square mm in the phone, which provides more efficient cooling for a larger area compared to the usual tube cooling system, which contributes to reducing the phone temperature significantly and maintaining the highest performance of the phone.

The new phone also comes with a Samsung AMOLED Fullscreen display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch preview rate of 360 Hz. The screen also has a wide color gamut of 100% DCI-P3. The screen speaks clarity and vivid colors with a narrow bezel and minimal power consumption.

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The realme GT master edition phone also supports the virtual RAM feature, which expands the phone’s RAM up to 5 GB. As a user-controlled feature, the phone allocates a portion of the quick storage space as virtual RAM when the user runs an application or game that requires additional memory. This helps reduce loading times and improve the experience of running multiple applications at the same time.

The phone comes with a 64-megapixel main camera, a 119-degree wide-angle lens, and a 4 cm macro lens, which can accurately shoot close-up or after, day or night, and in portrait or landscape mode, which allows photography professionals a range of options and alternatives to capture The best pictures.

This is unlike the 32-megapixel selfie camera: the phone is equipped with a 32-megapixel selfie camera that works with a Sony IMX615 sensor, aperture of 2.45 and an 85-degree shooting angle, where the camera is able to take pictures with a resolution of 6560 * 4928, making it one of the best selfie cameras in this category.

Since its launch in the market, the GT Master Edition phone has been able to ignite a fierce competition in the leading phone market in Egypt, through its integrated technological specifications in addition to its design that exceeded the expectations of users to become the next “conqueror of flagship phones” not only in terms of design but also And advanced capabilities and competitive prices

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