GTA 6 is coming even later than you hoped and will evolve

We’ve had to wait a long time for GTA 6, but according to a reliable source it will take even longer than we thought. But, we do get an evolving world in return.

GTA Online is still a cash cow of jewels. A guaranteed avalanche of sales that competitors can only dream of, especially now that the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 is also coming to the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 later this year.

GTA Online continues to score

The next-gen launch makes it clear that Rockstar Games is far from done with GTA Online. The multiplayer mode transcends the separate parts of the franchise: it will probably become the ongoing foundation for future GTA games. Why keep starting from scratch when you can just evolve the current active player base and world?

Everything even indicates that GTA 6 will be built up slowly in GTA Online. In fact, that process has reportedly already begun. When will GTA 6 actually come out? Nice the evolution of GTA Online, but many gamers simply want a new one campaign. A new single player world to tear around in instead of an online mode full of microtransactions.

GTA 6 in 2023?

It recently emerged that GTA 6 will most likely not be announced until 2023. A bitter pill, considering that would be more than ten years after the previous installment. Whereas in the era of the Playstation 2, we were treated to a new Grand Theft Auto almost every two years. Nice next-gen graphics, but sometimes you go back to a simpler time, when developing games took less time.

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Well, there’s no going back. We live in the age of games that are almost out of the real deal be distinguishable. Designing hyper-realistic worlds of unprecedented size simply takes a lot of time.

GTA 6 Is Probably Going To Pay You In Bitcoin (And That’s Bad News)

Leaker shares update

More time than we hoped, even. At least, if we have a reputable leaker have to believe. Then we’re talking about Tom Henderson. He is best known for his accurate leaks about Call of Duty and Battlefield, but he’s also been venturing into GTA 6 more and more lately.

Please take his comments with a grain of salt. Yes, he has been able to reveal information about COD and Battlefield several times early, information that turned out to be correct, but that does not automatically mean that his sources around Rockstar Games are also reliable. But still: Given his reputation, Henderson will not just throw nonsense on the internet.

Did you add a grain of salt? Great, because the leaker has put a video full of new information on YouTube. He recently shared that GTA 6 will contain cryptocurrencies in a completely up-to-date manner. The game is expected to poke fun at the Bitcoin hype of recent years.

Bad news: 2025

Cool, but you’ll have to wait a while for that. Henderson says Rockstar Games is being more careful with its employees after articles about the intense crunch that they had to continue for previous projects. In other words: absurdly long working days.

Not so neat, and Rockstar Games is reportedly aware of that. The company wants to finish GTA 6 with ‘normal’ working hours, with the result that it will take longer. Add to that working from home during the pandemic and you have a planned release in at least 2025.

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Chip shortage for PS5

At least, again, that’s what Hendersom claims to know. So take that piece of news with a grain of salt. The developer is also reportedly in no rush because many gamers have not yet managed to get their hands on PS5 or Xbox Series X due to the current chip shortage.

Of course you prefer to release a game for the largest possible audience. The urgency to go wild now is therefore not great. Having to be patient for another four years is a tough message for the fans, but according to Henderson we are going to be really surprised.

Evolving World

According to the leaker Not only do we return to Vice City, but Rockstar is also building a base that will continue to be expanded after launch. The world of GTA 6 is really coming to life, and will change and expand with DLC and updates after launch.

No mindblowing new information, but it does support Rockstar’s next-gen approach, the new mindset: not building a static game, as in the past, with which gamers are ready after a few months, but a lively world in which new adventures can be experienced for years to come.

Basically what you are already used to from GTA Online. We will have to wait extra long, but that should deliver a game so that we do not immediately start counting down to GTA 7. A game that will only come in 2035 at this rate…

Tom Henderson

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GTA 6 is coming even later than you hoped and will evolve