World Guaidó challenges Maduro and travels to Colombia

Guaidó challenges Maduro and travels to Colombia


This Monday is scheduled to hold a meeting with Mike Pompeo. Participate in a conference against terrorism on the first trip abroad for almost a year

«We welcome the president of Venezuela @jguaido to Colombia. This afternoon we will hold a work meeting. Likewise, the president @jguaido will participate, this Monday, in the Hemispheric Summit to Combat Terrorism ». With this tweet from the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, he transcended the trip by surprise from Guaidó to Bogotá.

The president of the National Assembly has not left Venezuela since last February, when he defied the travel ban imposed by the regime and moved to the Colombian border to receive humanitarian aid sent from the United States. The cargoes were burned and blocked by troops loyal to President Nicolás Maduro.

The Venezuelan opposition leader confirmed shortly thereafter through the same social network that was in Colombia and thanked President Iván Duque “for his support of the struggle of the Venezuelan people.” Today, he is scheduled to hold a meeting with the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who also attends the regional conference against terrorism. An act that will serve to show the support of the Trump Administration to the Venezuelan opposition in full authoritarian escalation of the regime. The United States, along with 59 other nations, recognizes Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela since January 2019 when he invoked the Constitution and proclaimed himself president after the fraudulent inauguration of Maduro. However, a year later, Chavismo retains power despite pressure from the United States to cut funding sources for its government by imposing sanctions on the vital oil sector. Guaidó has also failed to open the cracks of the Chavista regime with draft defections that would allow the system to fall like dominoes. However, the resistance remains. On 5 January, the Maduro government forced an illegal vote in the National Assembly that imposed a new parliamentary directive after the military prevented opponents from entering the seat of the legislative branch.

The ruling party appointed Luis Parra as president of Parliament, a deputy expelled from an opposition party at the end of 2019 for allegations of corruption. But Guaidó managed to be re-elected that same day by 100 votes, of the 167 seats, issued individually and loudly by each legislator, in a public session held at the headquarters of the newspaper El Nacional de Caracas. At that time, Pompeo congratulated Guaidó on his re-election and condemned the failed efforts of the Maduro regime to deny the will of the democratically elected National Assembly in 2015.

Maduro accuses Guaidó of being a puppet of the United States. In an interview published on Saturday by the Washington Post, he said the Trump Administration underestimated its power.



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