Guajardo asks businessmen to promote voting among young people


Mexico City. The Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, urged the businessmen of the steel industry to “help us talk with the young people, there will be 33 or 35 percent of voters between 18 and 28 who will vote, not for the first time but they will vote without having a memory of what it was like to live in a country where the prices of basic goods were determined by government decree, where the prices of everything important was decided by a bureaucracy, where the economy was closed and where to buy us a good sound team, as students, we had to make savings of 5 years to reach their prices and today with a smart phone any young person can have access to good music and good sound “.
The official attended the 70th Annual Convention of the National Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry (Canacero) and although most of his speech was devoted to talking about both the sector and its demands for tariffs against steel imports as well as of the commercial treaties, almost at the end he referred to the “great definition – country that is very close”.
Although Guajardo said “I do not intend to violate the electoral law”, he asked his generation colleagues, that is, those who are over 60 to “share the story” with young people about those times “where we lived in an economy that did not It gave us options and where those of us who had the good fortune to be in public schools in the north of Mexico, with a good quality, not like our colleagues in Veracruz, Oaxaca and Guerrero, where today, thanks to God, a process of evaluation of the education.
The decision that will be taken on July 1, he said, “will affect many generations of Mexicans. There is no worse error than the one committed, than the lack of historical memory.”


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