The Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, assured that he is opening an investigation into the accusations against the FGR by not attracting the case of the mom of “El Marro”.

In a radio interview with the columnist for THE UNIVERSAL, Salvador García Sotosaid the prosecution From guanajuato he is playing with justice in an irresponsible way.

Gertz Manero clarified that the FGR He is not a “firefighter”, but a constitutional institution for the defense of the nation’s interests in federal crimes, “it is not the remedy for local affairs,” he said.

It also reads: FGR refused to attract the case of the mother of “El Marro”, says the Prosecutor of Guanajuato

In the interview, he clarified that on June 21 the authorities of the Guanajuato prosecutor’s office They asked an entity control judge for a search warrant against a house for crimes of common jurisdiction, in this case the theft of a vehicle.

He said that the search warrants the judges grant them only to investigate what one asked for, if something else is investigated, the judge can reverse the order.

He explained that when they did not find the stolen car, the authorities said they found people in the area who were carrying a weapon and drugs, and with these elements requested that the FGR assume responsibility for illegal proceedings, because the judge did not authorize them to do so. .

It also reads: Due to irregularities, the FGR did not attract the case of “El Marro’s” mother

“The judge himself released them for the illegality of the conduct. They wanted us to accept the illegality of the conduct that their own judges told them was illegal,” he said in the interview.

The prosecutor added “they create a media scandal where they say that we do not accompany them, what words are those, I am opening an investigation into that because it is a lack of respect for citizens and the authorities, these things cannot be done, it is being playing with justice in such an irresponsible way. “

On the case of the attack against the chief of the capital’s police, Omar García HarfuchHe pointed out that they are waiting for the capital prosecutor to present the breakdown to the FGR, to continue with the investigations of federal crimes.



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