Guangzhou team needs to focus on a foreign aid in Thailand and Hong Kong to do a good job in defense and hope to score goals

Original title: Guangzhou team needs to focus on guarding a foreign aid from Thailand and Hong Kong

Article source: New Express

New Express News reporter Gao Jing reported tonight that the Guangzhou team will continue the journey of the AFC Champions League group stage. The team’s opponent this time is Lion Harbor from Thailand. With the accumulation of the first game, the young players of the Guangzhou team also have an intuitive understanding of the AFC matches. This scene is for the strong team in Thailand. While the team continues to exercise, they must strive to score goals.

Due to the conflict between the Chinese Super League and the AFC schedule, the Guangzhou team participating in the AFC Champions League this season is dominated by reserve players. The average age of the team is 19 years old. Perhaps without the special circumstances of this year, it is difficult for these young players to appear in the AFC in a short period of time. This sudden happiness has also created a lot of pressure on the teenagers. If you lose too ugly, it will be a blow to the players’ self-confidence.

In the first game, the Guangzhou team lost 0:2 to Osaka Sakura. Although they lost, many young players in the team were praised by the outside world, at least they played something in the game. It’s just that the gap in game experience and body shape is difficult to make up in a short period of time.

The reserve coach Liu Zhiyu, who led the team to play, believes that the players have learned persistence and not giving up in the first game, and they have done a good job in the face of strong opponents. In the next game, the team will continue to learn from the opponent.

With the experience of the first game, I believe that the young players of the Guangzhou team will relax more next and strive to play more of their own things.

Looking back, against Osaka Sakura, the Guangzhou team put almost all their energy into defense, and the team only took 2 shots. In this scene against Lion Harbor, the Guangzhou team must strive to make some achievements on the offensive end while doing a good job of defense. Simply put, the players must strive to score goals.

Speaking of which, the Lion Harbor team from Thailand is also difficult to deal with. As one of the most successful clubs in Thailand, the team has won the Thai domestic cup many times. Due to the defeat in the AFC qualifying game last year, he failed to qualify for the main match. This season is the first time Lion Harbor has appeared in the AFC group stage.

The Lions Port team’s opponent in the first game was Jiezhi from Hong Kong, China. In the case of the total number of shots and ball possession, the Lions Port team lost 0:2. After the first round, Lion Harbor and Guangzhou team had 0 points and the goal difference was exactly the same.

In the Lions Port team, the foreign aid Suarez from Spain needs to focus on guarding. The 34-year-old midfielder has scored 13 goals and 6 assists in the past 28 games. He is the number one star of the Lions Port team. How to limit his performance will be a big problem for the Guangzhou coaching staff to solve.


Guangzhou team coach Liu Zhiyu: The opponent is a very aggressive team, the advantage is their speed, the frequency of the foot, including the speed of passing and cutting are relatively fast. (We) should first be based on defense, build confidence through defense, and if there is a chance, we can show our cooperation in small areas and pass cuts.Return to Sohu to see more


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