Guardiola: “I didn’t know that Sterling was considering leaving …”

Sterling’s statements: “I did not know he was considering leaving. He is our player and I hope he continues to be. I cannot assure anyone how many minutes they are going to play, they all have to talk about the pitch. Not only Raheem but all of them, like Mahrez or Cancelo, who also they wanted to play more. I want them to be happy. They have to be happy to be in the club, if they are not, they must make a decision. I cannot assure that they will always play 90 minutes. I am the one who makes the decisions based on what is best for the club, not for the players. I don’t want to see unhappy footballers, it’s not the end of the world. There are many teams, many coaches, many options. Call the club and resolve the situation. I am not just talking about Raheem, I speak of any situation “.

Sterling renewal? “I am not involved in the decisions about their contracts, that is the club.”

Reaction when you were a substitute in your career? “I was an exceptional footballer and never went to the bench so I can’t answer this question (laughs).”

Buy Newcastle: “It seemed that the fans were very happy. This is a business where there are people who have bought the club and their fans are happy, beyond that I am very far from what has happened.”

Ferran Torres injury: “He will be away for two and a half or three months, he has broken his metatarsal. Injuries can happen anywhere. I know Luis Enrique well, I know how he treats Ferran Torres and he does not want him to be injured. It happened to us with Foden in England, with De Bruyne in Belgium … It’s a lot of games, we’ve sent him to Spain for a couple of weeks.

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Lower: “Ederson and Gabriel Jesus cannot play because yesterday they played with Brazil.”