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The congressman Guido Bellido (Peru Libre) confronted the night of this Monday 25 with the journalist Juliana Oxenford during an interview. The exchange of words occurred when the former prime minister asked the communicator to explain why he described it, on previous occasions, as “unpresentable.”

It is that moment that Juliana Oxenford clarified her position due to the attacks of Bellido Ugarte towards members of the Ministerial Cabinet when he was its holder. Here is part of the dialogue between the interlocutors disseminated through ATV:

SIGHT: Fernando Herrera: What exactly happened in your last moments of life?

Guido Bellido: I want you to explain to me why I am unpresentable

Juliana Oxenford: Because a person who attacks ministers while being president of the Council of Ministers and who tries to destabilize the government that allegedly helps tries to …

Guido Bellido: You know when you said it was unpresentable.

Juliana Oxenford: When? I’ve said it several times, ah.

Guido Bellido: The day I was sworn in (as Prime Minister) you already said so.

Juliana Oxenford: Not that, ah. That time I did not say that you are unpresentable.

Guido Bellido: Yes, there it is. Why?

Juliana Oxenford: Because … (Bellido interrupts)

Guido Bellido: Because you are from Argentina and I am a provincial, that is why I am unpresentable. What makes you think I’m unpresentable?

Juliana Oxenford: You think you will minimize me, that I will feel ashamed of having Argentine origins. Do you know what your problem is?

Guido Bellido: Ah, you are a psychologist.

Juliana Oxenford: No.

Guido Bellido: You are an expert, you have studied.

Juliana Oxenford: It is more than obvious. I think his problem is that he is extremely racist and it bothers him that I have Argentine origins.

Guido Bellido: Racist of what?

Juliana Oxenford: The color of my hair bothers him, the color of my skin bothers him. What’s your problem?

Guido Bellido: No. If my hair color is the same as yours.

Juliana Oxenford: But mine is dyed and you say you paint it.

Guido Bellido and Luciana Oxenford face off in a hot interview

During the Interview, Guido Bellido He was reluctant to express that he considers that in Venezuela there is a dictatorial regime led by Nicolás Maduro. In addition, he defended Vladimir Cerrón, leader of Peru Libre, despite the fact that he has a corruption sentence against him.

The interview with the congressman representing Cusco occurs when the afternoon of this Monday 25 The death of legislator Fernando Herrera Mamani, from the Peru Libre bench, was reported.

The death occurred when the Plenary of Parliament debated the vote of confidence towards the Ministerial Cabinet headed by Mirtha Vásquez. Therefore, the Board of Spokespersons agreed to reschedule the session for Thursday, November 4 at 9:00 a.m.


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