Guido Bellido on his relationship with fugitive Arturo Cárdenas: “I have no friends”

The congressman Guido Bellido, former chief of the Cabinet, denied having a friendship with the leader of Peru Libre Arturo Cardenas Tovar, ‘Pinturita’, who is currently a fugitive from justice.

“As long as I can remember, I have no friends, I have academic, political, cultural relationships; and he was the leader of the party, and that is the only relationship that exists, “he told reporters.

Bellido avoided pointing out whether the Minister of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela placeholder image, is responsible for the delay in finding the whereabouts of the leader of Peru Libre. “The truth, at this moment, I do not have it precise,” he said.

The Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) included in the Rewards Program Arturo Cardenas Tovar, for allegedly belonging to the criminal organization ‘Los Dinámicos del Centro’, for whom an amount of 80 thousand soles is offered for information on his whereabouts.

Weeks ago, the Judicial Power ordered preventive detention for 36 months against the party leader Free Peru, known as ‘Pinturita’, for allegedly belonging to the aforementioned criminal organization.

About the vote of confidence

In another time, Guido Bellido said that the bench of Free Peru It should vote en bloc on confidence in the Cabinet of Mirtha Vásquez, which will be presented to the Plenary of Congress next Monday.

“We say: we must respect democracy. If it were individual (the vote), it would cease to be a bench. Democracy is always subject to the majority ”, he commented.

When asked if some members of the bench vote against the decision to be adopted, Bellido said: “Free Peru it has its regulations and will apply its regulations ”, he said.

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