Guillaume Canet: his terrible personal drama during the release of the Little Handkerchiefs


In 2010, Small Tissues were a small phenomenon of society: the story of this band of friends who finds himself on vacation after the scooter accident of one of them has marked the audience. A true generational film, it was a great success when it was released, attracting more than 5.2 million spectators to theaters. The feature film was also awarded to its director Guillaume Canet two nominations for César 2011. Yet, it has struggled with the craze around his film. He revealed the reasons in a newspaper interview South West : “I was talking about a true story, of a dead friend in a motorcycle accident, the movie was complicated for me and the day of the release, another friend of my band was killed on a motorcycle …” ⋙ Les Petits Tisseux: 5 anecdotes about Guillaume Canet’s cult film (VIDEO) This tragic coincidence provoked many questions from Guillaume Canet: “I was in full promotion when my friend died, so I did not really experience the success of the film, I had the impression of a very damn thing, I even made a rejection of the movie . ” Fortunately, the actor and director seems to have reconciled with his feature film since he is currently shooting the sequel to Cap Ferret. Entitled We will finish together , this one sees the return of a large part of the casting of the first film: Marion Cotillard , Benoît Magimel , François Cluzet , Gilles Lellouche or Valérie Bonneton . ⋙ The small handkerchiefs 2: the producer finally reveals the plot of We will finish together, the sequel to the cult movie! The story of We will finish together takes place 8 years after the end of Small tissues and begins with the surprise birthday of Max Cantara, the character played by François Cluzet. In an interview with French movie March 23, the producer of the film, Alain Attal, adds that We will finish together is like “a reflection on post-quarantineers who questions what becomes friendship, starting with the photo of their reunion and a fragile friendship.” Expected release in 2019.


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