Guillaume du Bellay & Rabelais in their stratagems

Lionel Piettre is a former student of ENS Lyon (in history and letters) and associate of Modern Letters, author of a thesis entitled Mingle with history (dir. Francis Goyet, Grenoble, 2017), to be published under the title The Shadow of Guillaume du Bellay in the historical thought of the Renaissance.

His conference entitled “Phantom titles and ruses of authors: Guillaume du Bellay and Rabelais in their stratagems” will take place at the University of Verona (mixed modality: face-to-face and video) on 1is December 2021, within the framework of the Doctoral Seminar “Editoria ed eresia” organized by Rosanna Gorris Camos.

He will question the relationship between Guillaume du Bellay and Rabelais and the question of stratagems, from the point of view of cunning or mestizo.

For any information, write to [email protected]


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