Guillermo Arriaga tells students of Mixed Secondary #8 “the art of counting”

Surrounded by just over 600 students in the main courtyard, the Mexican storyteller Guillermo Arriaga offered the talk “The art of telling” at the city’s Mixed Secondary School #8as part of the activities to promote reading for the program of Guadalajara World Capital of the Book (GCML), distinction granted by UNESCO to the Perla Tapatia and implies the coordinated work of cultural institutions, universities and civil society organizations.

In this sense, in addition to the young attendees, received the author of “Salvar el fuego” (2020) a wall completely covered with cardboard with texts, drawings and works in which his biography was addressed or books by other national writers were discussed, in addition to recognitions and commemorative plaques which will be delivered to you at the end of the event.

Arriaga began his speech by asking “what is the use of reading?”, and immediately afterwards, thanks to one of the students, he was able to show how “they help us learn” but, in the same way, “to look inside ourselves”.

Arriaga made it clear to the students that “We only have one life, and we have to think very carefully about what we are going to waste it on”to that sentence he added —after asking the public that everyone look at their hands— that with our hands, if we build something, “it is a life”, and therefore it is important “to be sure of what we want”; something to read helps us.

The writer was given awards and gifts, including pieces of crafts and, also, a package of cookies added to congratulations and greetings from visually impaired high school students, some of whom wrote fictional stories, They made reviews of the life of Arriaga or about the novel “La Tumba”, by José Agustín (in audiobook).


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