Guinea can finally launch its vaccination campaign against the Ebola virus as this West African country fights to stem the resurgence of the deadly virus.

Delayed at first by a dust storm from the Sahara, the flight carrying more than 11,000 doses of Merck vaccines landed in Conakry on Monday. “The next step is that the vaccines will be deployed in the field, in the theater of the response of operations, in Nzérékoré tomorrow, and in all the sites where they will be needed to protect the contacts of patients and thus surround the spread of this epidemic which worries not only Guinea, but also neighboring countries “, said Georges Ki-Zerbo, representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Guinea

Ebola epidemic declared last weekend is the first in the region since that of 2013-2016, which killed more than 11,300 in Guinea, at Liberia and at Sierra Leone. “This vaccine has already been used in several other epidemics, particularly in DRC, where in recent years more than 300,000 doses of this vaccine have been used to contain at least three Ebola epidemics in central DRC, but also in North Kivu and Ituri “, added Georges Ki-Zerbo.

Some of the doses will go directly to the forest region of south-eastern Guinea, where five people have died from the virus which causes high fever and, in the worst cases, irreversible bleeding. It is spread through close contact with bodily fluids, and those who live with or care for patients are most at risk.

The disease also reappeared in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which should receive 8,700 vaccines of United States this week.

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