Guinea: with the AG Lafida concept, young people want to take ownership of the political and civic debate

#Guinea : How to bring young Guineans to take ownership of the political and civic debate? An association seems to have found the magic formula: the “AG Lafidi”. Combining cuisine and politics, this new concept has become essential.

The concept itself seems sassy. L’«Lafidi General Assembly»or «AG Lafidi», named after this famous Guinean dish made from rice, palm oil and okra, attracts people. Today, we have important guests who have come to talk to young people: the director general of the National Water Company, a columnist for the country’s most watched political program, and a leader of Guinea’s strongest political alliance.

Ibrahima Soumah, journalist, sees in this meeting a symbol of unity: «Guineans are far from divided. Everyone is focused on the progress of Guinea, which makes everyone raise their concerns.» At the heart of the debate, there is Guinea, its future and its youth. The exchanges are heated at times, with a good dose of passion and reason. To make them interesting. For Moussa Diallo, participant, «everyone tried to defend their position. Personally, I didn’t appreciate certain ideas, but it’s a debate, and then, intellectually, we also win.»

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The AG Lafidi, which is held every weekend, aims to open up the debates to young people so that they can also give their opinion. Take a stand, discuss, eat and drink. In other words, combine business with pleasure. But what would these meetings be without this rice drizzled with red oil, the perfume of which mingles with the debate? For lafidi vendors, it’s also a big day. Both for them and for the country, it is above all a question of history, heritage and future, says Mariama Barry: «It is satisfactory after 5 years of absence. We are happy to share this AG Lafidi, which is a legacy for us. It is thanks to this debate that the framework here has been reconstructed.»

Beautiful people to feed, and money to make too. But beyond that, all the participants in the debate have the same conviction: they are certain that the future of the country is being played out here, under this sheet metal shed.