“Gulf” opens the name of 12 Thai-Thai banks. Borrowing 1.7 hundred thousand baht. Making a tender for INTUCH-ADVANC

“Gulf” opens a list of 12 Thai-Thai banks to support loans for making tenders, shares “INTUCH-ADVANC” at 170 billion baht, 8 domestic banks with a total amount of 91 billion baht, and 4 foreign financial institutions. Total amount of $2.7 billion

On June 29, Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited or GULF began to make a tender offer. or a table to buy shares of Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited or INTUCH and Advance Info Service Public Company Limited or ADVANC

Gulf notified the Stock Exchange of Thailand on June 28th about the readiness to make a tender offer for INTUCH and ADVANC shares by attaching documentary evidence that financial institutions both domestically and internationally. which provide financial support for 12 companies with a total credit line of 170 billion baht, divided into 8 domestic commercial banks with a total amount of 91 billion baht as follows:

– Krung Thai Bank, credit line 20,000 million baht

-Siam Commercial Bank 20,000 million baht

– Government Savings Bank 15,000 million baht

-Kasikorn Bank 10,000 million baht

– UOB Bank 10,000 million baht

– TMB Bank Thanachart 5,000 million baht

– TISCO Bank 5,000 million baht

-Kiatnakin Phatra Bank 6,000 million baht

For 4 foreign financial institutions Supporting funding sources totaling 2.7 billion US dollars or approximately 86 billion baht are as follows:

-Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore Branch $675 million

-Maybank International Labuan Branch $675 million

-Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited $675 million

-Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Singapore Branch $675 million

In this regard, Gulf will make a tender offer for INTUCH shares at the price of 65 baht per share, amounting to not more than 2,599,631,112 shares or 81.07% of the total shares of INTUCH and in the event that the warrants are exercised. All remaining shares are ordinary shares. The company must purchase additional 1,268,956 shares of INTUCH, representing a maximum investment value of 169,058.50 million baht.

The tender offer period for INTUCH shares is between 29 Jun. – 4 Aug. 2021 and will pay for the securities offered for purchase on 11 Aug. through the Tender Offer Agent. Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited

As for ADVANC, the tender is priced at 120.93 baht per share, amounting to 2,973,554,313 shares, or 100%. Must purchase more ADVANC ordinary shares 1,304,977 shares with an investment value of not more than 365,491.21 million baht, the tender offer period is between 29 June – 13 August and the tender offer will be paid on the 17th. Aug. through the purchase agent, Bualuang Securities