‘Gullit’ Peña buys beer after Cruz Azul training


MEXICO – After abandoning Monday’s training at La Noria, the midfielder Blue Cross , Carlos ‘Gullit’ Peña He advanced a few meters in his truck and stopped at a grocery store to buy alcoholic beverages. The players who were not holders before Tigers they started training at 10 o’clock in the morning under the orders of Pedro Caixinha ; ‘Gullit’ was in that group that worked towards the game of the 16th game against Morelia , which will mark the dismissal of the Machine Blue Stadium . Peña, a world champion Brazil 2014 , he left the club’s facilities shortly after noon and immediately after, crossed the street to buy a six of light beer and then get into his car. With a smile in between, the store staff confirmed that he made such a purchase and added that “he is followed”. The Machine is practically eliminated from the league, two days after the regular tournament of Clausura 2018. Not only do you need the 6 points that are at stake, but at least seven teams do not add up over the weekend. The last game of the celestial will be in Veracruz before the Red Sharks that fight to not lose the category.


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