‘Gumiho’, an arbitrary ending that lacks convincing power to the end

[엔터미디어=정덕현] the t.v Wednesday and Thursday drama Gumiho>This was the end. Imoogi(Italy)Lee Yeon who jumped into Samdocheon with(Lee Dong Wook)Nam jia sacrificing herself(Jo Boa)And saved the people who were dying from the plague.. But the story didn’t end there. Along with Nam Jia’s plea for saving Lee Yeon, who jumped into Samdocheon, where he could not even reincarnate, the masker, the gatekeeper of Samdocheon(Kim Jeong-nan)Lee Yeon got a chance to be resurrected as she begged her brother Enmla the Great..

The fortune teller I met at the folk village suggested that he is the great king of Odo, who decides the future life, and that for Lee Yeon’s resurrection, he must give the most precious things., In the end(Kim Beom)Gave his life. Lee Yeon, who revived again, met Nam Jia and had a happy ending..

It was a happy ending, but the remaining regrets are great. It’s like a god comes down and puts everything back Deus Ex MachinaBecause there were too many arbitrary settings of. The drama came to an end due to a crisis of desperate desperate death that if you throw your body into Samdocheon, you cannot even reincarnate., Even though the dressing group became a stone statue by Lee Moo-gi’s tactics, the drama didn’t explain anything about the dressing group who came back to seeing it again.. However, since Imoogi disappeared from Samdocheon, it can only be assumed that the masking wave returned to what it saw..

In addition, the fortune teller suddenly said that he was the great king of Odo, and the story of reviving Lee Yeon was too deliberate.. So, Lee Yeon appears in front of Nam Jia again, So, the story of two people getting married and having a happy ending left a regret for the character named Rang who sacrificed for this..

Gumiho>Is the past Home of legends>It was a work that raised expectations of viewers by reinterpreting the Gumiho character, which has been loved by the public for a long time, becoming a symbol of. In particular, the point of drawing a male nine tail fox, Its role A lonely and brilliant goblin>It was noteworthy that Lee Dong-wook, who played the role of a grim reaper. Also, including the nine-tailed fox, Imoogi, Swelling, It was also interesting to note that the point of reviving the fantasy creatures in our legends and folktales such as Duxini.

But Gumiho>The biggest flaw with this is that although they brought these colorful materials, they were confused about what story they could tell.. The genre fusion of horror and melody would have felt rather a unique worldview if the story to be told was consistently continued from start to finish., I got distracted in the midst. Even in a moment of terror that raises tension, it might have been acceptable if Lee Yeon and Nam Jia had their own theme, message, or metaphor.. But unfortunately, the drama lacked consistency and unity..

So in the end Gumiho>What was this story about. Another being that cannot be harmonized with humans if you keep in mind that the message is contained in the desire of the protagonist.(Like an animal represented by a nine tail fox)The clue to that message is that he loves a human and that’s why he wanted to be human.. If the story of disparate beings loves beyond that boundary shows a consistent flow from start to finish Gumiho>Wouldn’t it be a more clear and metaphorical work?. The meaning of coexistence with other beings, including animals, would have given special meaning to the corona-like situation that is taking place in our time..

The nine tail fox or our legend, The attempt to revive the transcendental beings in the folklore in the present day was worth enough,, It is a work that leaves a lot of regret at the point of consistently reinterpreting it by adding its present meaning..

Critic Deok-Hyun Jung rated the Hulk Index of the drama’Gumiho Dian’, featuring an interesting subject of male Gumiho and reinterpretation of characters from classic folklore in the entertainment channel Ssona’s corner’Hulk Talk’. Check out the video to see how many Hulk indexes of’Gumihodi’, whose persuasive power of Lee Dong-wook’s desire to be a human is pointed out as a weakness.

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