Gunilla Persson: – Breeds: – Get a new hobby

Gunilla Persson (63), known from the reality series “Swedish Hollywood Wives”, has proven several times that she does not allow herself to be fooled.

She has also shown several times, both on screen and in social media, that she does not accept criticism from her loved ones.

“I’M DYING”: Gunilla Persson, known from the TV3 program “Swedish Hollywood Wives”, goes straight to the ground when she tries a Classywalk for the first time. Video: TV3
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Thus, Persson was quick to hit back at comments that ticked in under a photo carousel on Instagram from his daughter Erika Persson (19). That’s what Svensk Damtidning writes.

Describes as “porn-like”

Last week, the celebrity daughter published a number of pictures of herself, posing in a red top and low-waisted jeans, where the panties are visible.

Below the picture, several have expressed dissatisfaction and concern.

“Erika, you who are a role model for so many young people, what kind of signals does this send?” reads one comment.

“Oh, so much bare skin! What does mum Gunilla think about it?”, writes another.

– She wants grandchildren

Others describe the images as “pornographic”, and ask the TV profile to take action.

The reality star does take action – but against the comments.

“Why are you so obsessed? Get a hobby and give yourself some love at the same time,” writes the mother of one.

– A strong generation of women

This is not the first time the 19-year-old’s photos have been criticized for being scantily clad. In 2020, the star daughter spoke out about the comments to Expressen.

Strikes back against the scantily clad criticism

Strikes back against the scantily clad criticism

She believed at the time that she often received comments from women that she should stop “sexualizing herself in front of men”.

Erika described this way of thinking as “backwards and old-fashioned”.

FURIOUS – AGAIN: Gunilla Persson goes after someone’s throat again – this time the Swedish presenter Gunde Svan. Video: TV4 / Cmore
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– We are a strong generation of women who have taken back our bodies, and can do whatever we want because we don’t care about what appeals to men. It’s not even in our thought process.

In closing, Erika encouraged her female followers to feel comfortable in their own bodies.