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GUNKUL enters the hemp business at full capacity Focus on growing partners

Date 25 May 2022 time 21:20

GUNKUL enters the hemp business at full capacity Focus on growing partners Aiming to attach wings to fly to the market. – Send the Sigma Q2/65, continuous good form Strong Wind Farm – EPC Overflow – Outstanding Hemp Business

Dr. Somboon Eua-atchasai Chief Executive Officer of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL) revealed that after GUNKUL’s subsidiary has received a license from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to import hemp seeds from the United States. including producing (cultivating) hemp and producing (not planting) narcotics of category V, specifically hemp, for commercial or industrial purposes; Now the group of companies has moved forward in the hemp business fully planned marijuana by focusing on growing together with business alliances who have joined together in expanding the hemp, cannabis business to expand the market from upstream to downstream ready to produce quality products to pass on to consumers

At the same time, the company has given importance to expanding the market to foreign countries Recently, the management team has been sent to study in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition to studying and visiting the field of innovation in production and machines This increases the opportunity to take samples of hemp products. Cannabis from abroad to develop and adapt to consumers in Thailand Importantly, it lays the foundation for the future to expand the hemp products market. Cannabis exports to foreign countries Because the popularity is quite high.

“After hemp became a new cash crop It can be used for commercial and industrial use. Connect to 5 industrial chains, namely beverages, food, drugs and dietary supplements. costume and personal care products This is an opportunity for GUNKUL to increase the channel to expand the business and create more income base. by focusing on building growth together with a group of alliances that have joined together to expand the cannabis business Marijuana,” Dr. Somboon finally said.

For business trends in the second quarter of 2022 The Group is confident that its revenue potential and profit will continue to grow from Q1/22. This is due to gradually recognizing revenue from renewable energy power plant projects both domestically and internationally. which is the main income that has come in continuously especially wind power plants Even if it’s not the season of the wind But there is a rather strong and fast wind according to the amount of precipitation that has come in quite a lot during this period. As a result, it can produce more electricity. and will significantly support its performance.

In addition, the company began to recognize income from the hemp business since the second quarter of 2022. From cutting the first lot of hemp inflorescences, the 1st greenhouse at Huai Bong, Nakhon Ratchasima Province to be sent to the extraction plant. It also gradually recognized revenue from construction and engineering systems (EPC), which currently has a backlog of approximately 4,500 million baht. There is a plan to participate in the bidding of new projects. that will open for auction for more than 50,000 million baht and it is expected that the company has a chance to get a job about 7-10% of the total work value

“According to the company’s roadmap, the 3-year investment budget (2022-2024) is set at 20,000 million baht to share investment in renewable energy business, investing in hemp business. and invest in factory and warehouse construction business (Built-to-Suit) as well as increase the production capacity of the renewable energy business to reach 1,000 megawatts by 2023. As for the latest hemp business, the subsidiary “G.K. Bio Extraction” has received a license. CBD extraction plant from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already And ready to use the products to be used in food-cosmetic products and herbal medicines to sell to the market as planned, giving the company confidence that the operating results will grow as the target of not less than a year. 20%,” said Dr. Somboon.