Günther: The CDU has a clear mandate to form a government

Kiel/Hamburg (dpa/lno) – After the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is clear to Prime Minister Daniel Günther that his party friends from the CDU are now tasked with forming a government there. The Greens, who were already able to celebrate great successes in Schleswig-Holstein, speak of a sensational result for their party, but it is only bitter for the FDP

Günther congratulated his colleague in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wüst, on a “clear election victory”. The CDU has become by far the strongest force and has received a clear mandate from the voters to form a government, said the Kiel CDU state chairman and election winner last Sunday. The final sprint of the election campaign was clearly noticeable in the election results of the CDU.

The CDU NRW had fought with great commitment for this result in the past few days, said Günther. “Everyone from Schleswig-Holstein who was involved in the election campaign in the last few days felt that,” explained Günther. He campaigned for Wüst in North Rhine-Westphalia. Günther won the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein last Sunday with a surprising 43.4 percent.

The Greens’ top candidate in the elections in Schleswig-Holstein a week ago, Monika Heinold, called the result of her party friends in North Rhine-Westphalia sensational. It is also a well deserved result. Co-lead candidate Aminata Touré declared: “Black and yellow was voted out.” The alliance had not succeeded in making politics for the breadth of society. “Within just seven days, two green state associations were able to achieve their best results in history.”

Schleswig-Holstein’s FDP head of state, Heiner Garg, described the liberals’ performance in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia as a “bitter result”. He hopes that the FDP will continue to be a member of the state parliament, Garg wrote on Sunday evening in a first reaction.

In Hamburg, the second mayor, Katharina Fegebank, said: “No one can get past the Greens, especially not when they participate in the government in Düsseldorf.” The Greens politician explained that after Schleswig-Holstein, the Greens had now also had success in North Rhine-Westphalia. “What a blatant victory, congratulations Mona Neubaur!” She continued.

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Hamburg CDU leader Christoph Ploß congratulated his Christian Democratic party friends in North Rhine-Westphalia. The CDU has once again deservedly become the strongest party in North Rhine-Westphalia. “I congratulate Hendrik Wüst and the CDU North Rhine-Westphalia on this election victory.” With this election result, the voters would have rebuffed Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the SPD, Ploß said on Sunday. “Following the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein, this second election victory for the CDU in a row also shows that the realignment with Friedrich Merz at the helm is already bearing fruit and that the CDU is on the right track with a clear middle-class course.”

The Hamburg AfD state leader Dirk Nockemann congratulated his party friends in North Rhine-Westphalia on returning to the state parliament. “Our parliaments need a strong AfD as a barrier against the ominous left-green zeitgeist.”

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