Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei are maturing, Liaoning or establishing a new dynasty_Season_Guangsha_Guangdong

Original title: Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei are maturing, Liaoning or establishing a new dynasty

Sports + reporter Ji Mengnian reported

Just as they won the first championship in team history four years ago, Liaoning defeated Guangsha with a total score of 4-0, and once again returned to the top podium of the CBA. The Liaoning generals stood on the podium and held high the picture of the supreme treasure, which became the final frame of the season.

Next, Liaoning will work hard to forge its own dynasty. At present, Guangsha and Guangdong will still be the main opponents of the Liaoning team, but it is unknown whether they can successfully complete the reinforcement. On the contrary, big market teams such as Beijing and Shanghai may emerge in the next season. In the coming offseason, the CBA transfer market may be more turbulent than people think.

On the other hand, this season is already the third season in which the CBA has closed games, and players, coaches, referees, media and CBA staff are all exhausted physically and mentally. A CBA staff member wrote in a circle of friends after the Liaoning and Guangsha finals: “380 regular season games, 27 playoff games, 7 months, 5 divisions, 1 championship…

The second full tournament season is finally over.

Hopefully, there won’t be a third! “But from the current situation, it is still a high probability event to continue to close the game next season.

The encirclement and suppression of Liaoning by foreign powers has become a new pattern of CBA

Before Liaoning won the championship, Guangdong had completed a wave of three consecutive championships. This season, the Liaoning team swept Guangdong in the semifinals, ending the opponent’s dynasty. Considering the current lineup composition and chemical reaction of the Liaoning team, they do have the possibility of establishing their own dynasty.

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In fact, as early as Liaoning won the championship in 2018, they were seen as having the potential to create a dynasty. However, the re-emergence of the Guangdong team in 2019 made the Liaoning team miss the championship for three consecutive years. To a certain extent, even if the Liaoning team won the championship, there were still obvious flaws in the lineup. Today, there may be a gap between the Liaoning team in terms of foreign aid and 2018, but the overall competitiveness may be stronger.

On the one hand, Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei, the two players are becoming more and more mature and have become the mainstay of the team. On the other hand, the shortcomings of the flank position in the past have now become an advantage of the Liaoning team because of the addition of Zhang Zhenlin and Fu Hao. The personal abilities of the two foreign players, Fogg and Moreland, may not be so good, but they are well integrated into the team and can play their role in tough battles such as the semifinals and the finals.

Compared with other teams, the biggest advantage of the Liaoning team in the new season is their stability. At present, Liaoning is still the team most likely to win the championship in the new season. Guangsha and Guangdong are also eager to win the championship, but they must change their lineup. Guangsha’s domestic team is also becoming more and more mature, but the allocation of foreign aid is not ideal. Guangdong needs to make more efforts in signings, and the replacement of foreign aid has come to a time when it must be carried out. Affected by the epidemic, it is not easy to find foreign aid. Even if you find a suitable foreign aid, you still need to adapt to the rhythm of the CBA game, and you need to run in tactics with the team. Therefore, it is far more difficult for Guangsha and Guangdong to avenge Liaoning in the new season than expected.

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Perhaps, it is not Guangsha and Guangdong that will eventually cause trouble for the Liaoning team next season, but the big market teams Beijing and Shanghai. After all, in this summer, the contracts of many star players in the CBA will expire, and whether Zhou Qi will return is even more of a concern to everyone. If a big-name player changes his family this summer, it is likely to directly lead to a huge change in the league’s structure.Return to Sohu, see more


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