Gustavo Petro elected first left-wing president in Colombia’s history

“The government that will take office on August 7 will be one of life, peace, social justice and environmental justice”, said Gustavo Petro, alongside his family, his relatives and his running mate, the Afro-descendant Francia Marquez. From Madrid, Spain’s leftist government congratulated the ex-guerrilla on his victory “historical” for the Colombian left.

Former member of a far-left guerrilla converted to social democracy, ex-mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro won 50.44% of the vote, against 47.31% for his competitor, businessman Rodolfo Hernandez – the balance representing blank ballots, counted in Colombia in the votes cast.

Gustavo Petro will now have the heavy task of finding a majority in Parliament and overcoming resistance from part of the economic world and the military.

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