Gusztáv Molnár cried at the exit – only on the spot did they realize that he did not know about the meeting

The new owners of the property found treasures in Ildikó’s house in Pécsi

The actress’ son sold his mother’s legendary house in Gödöllő, which the new owners have now shown to Blikk.

He would have turned 83 on Sunday Ildiko of Pécs. The Kossuth Prize-winning actor died in December 2020, his son, Csaba Szűcs and shortly after his death, he was forced to sell the house in Gödöllő, because he could not afford to maintain it financially.

The current residents Ester and Csaba last June, they moved into the former house of the actress, which was almost completely renovated from the inside. A construction contractor divided the previously huge lot into six parts, most of which have already been built with apartment buildings. The current owners let the Blikk staff into the house of Ildikó in Pécs and the garden area right next to it.

The couple used to live in Szentendré, but they wanted a house with a garden, so they chose the famous property in Gödöllő. Their work was stuck with the house: the windows and interior coverings had to be replaced, the walls had to be repainted, and some rotten trees had to be cut out.

“Our daughter recommended Gödöllő, which is how we found this house. We immediately fell in love, but at the time we didn’t know that this was Ildikó Pécsi and Lajos Szűcs it was his home. Fate is interesting, because my mother went to the same high school with Ildiko in Nyíregyháza” – said Eszter. He also told about the work that had to be done on the house and the surrounding land: “My husband knows plants very well, so he kept what he could and took care of them professionally, and we even asked for the help of professional gardeners. There are wonderful trees and bushes, almost always something blooming. And the garden is also big enough for our dogs, because we breed cougars. We have created a separate section for them, where they can play on their ownto them We are glad that we found this house, because if we hadn’t bought it, it might have been demolished,” said the woman.

However, according to the son of Ildikó Pécsi, this latter possibility could not be discussed, because he did not allow it: “At the time of the sale, I stipulated to the contractor that the business could only be established from the land if the house and the garden around it were preserved. Fortunately, he took this into account, and the new owners also take great care of it.” – said Csaba Szűcs. He added: “I’m especially happy that they deal with dogs, because my mother loved animals.”

In addition to the small miracles in the garden, the new owners were also treated to another big surprise: they found the relics of the actress in the old house.

“The artist’s son previously took the things he claimed. However, some family photos, furniture or costumes from Ildikó Pécsi’s legacy still remain here. We would like to present these to the Pécs Ildikó Színi Társulat or to the adopted son of the dramatist and the heir of the intellectual legacy, Csaba L. Péterfi”

Eszter, the new resident, told Blikk.

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2023-05-20 15:20:09