Guy A Lepage Posts Language Jokes Nonstop On Instagram And We Asked Him Why

“I’m going to talk about Guy A Lepage’s presence on Instagram today.”

“Yeah, thanks for talking about it.”

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The meeting of the day began like this at Bag of crisps.

There was consensus. We could no longer ignore what was happening on the Instagram of the host of Everybody talks about it.

But what happens then?

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

It turns out that Guy A has launched headlong into a series of “puns/criticism of overused language and expressions these days” jokes.

The thoughts are simply written on an orange background in a storythen, saved in images and shared in permanent publication on the Instagram feed.

Here is the very first content of its kind published by Guy A:

Sometimes the cursor is still there:

The exercise makes Quebec personalities laugh a lot, such as Ariane Moffatt, Vincent Vallières or Maxim Martin.

Why did he get into it?

Since January 17, Guy has already posted 17 witticisms on a yellow-orange background. We asked him why.

“To poke fun at the overused or misused expressions that confuse the media airwaves and dinner parties,” the guy replied to us in A boy a girl.

Ok. That’s what we thought.

Here are 3 of our favorites:

Can we expect many more orange jokes from dad’s side of Baby girl? “It will stop when it will stop. I have a few more in the bank.”


Not the first time that Guy A has shared a number on Instagram

The example of the shower

A few months ago, the former RBO started producing mini videos of his shower. On the soundtrack, we heard Guy A singing, often with his voice of Madame Brossard de Brossard.

It gave times like this:

And like that:

For other great content featuring Guy A, check out this video of his hair evolution at Everybody talks about it:

Or all of this:


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