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Guy makes Eminem & # 39; smile & # 39; by photoshooting photos and they are too funny

Ever Since Marshall Mathers, AKA Eminem (among other names) exploded on stage in the late 90s, he has become a regular part of our pop culture. From his controversial and often humorous beginnings under the persona Slim Shady, he evolved over time to a more serious, introspective figure that made us think deeper about social and psychological issues such as poverty, inequality and addiction.

The difficult upbringing of Mathers is well documented. This, in combination with his angry, more thoughtful attitude, makes it understandable that he is often seen in public with a neutral expression. I mean, it would just be weird if this furious intense man was often portrayed with a luxurious, radiant smile. Would not it?

Photoshop guitarist Mike Brown, whose Facebook intro "makes someone laugh every day", decided to test this theory and shared a smartly managed collection of Eminem at different before and after & # 39; photo & # 39; s. The original photos show the man as we know him best: smoldering, serious, straight faces. The photographed photographs, however, give a surprisingly different atmosphere, with the addition of an insanely cheap grin that creates a funny but sometimes creepy look reminiscent of the memo & # 39; Hide The Pain Harold & # 39 ;.

Perhaps we can now see why Eminem chooses not to smile often?

Scroll down to see the rest of Mike's admirable efforts to "Eminem" every day & # 39; and let us know what you think in the comments!


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