Sex is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Right there with eating a tasty meal, a refreshing night's sleep, scoring a great goal, or just a nice cup of tea, the simple fulfillment of this basic human drive brings a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to beat.

However, if a complex comes together of two (or more) individuals with their own needs and expectations, sex can also be a physical and emotional minefield. One wrong slip and it can blow up in your face!

Image credits: Amy Moss (not the actual picture)

This story told on the subreddit r / tifu by anonymouslittlebitch is a good example of what not to do. To be honest with the man, he is inexperienced and he had to dive straight into the deep: dirty talk. This is an area full of dangers; you have to walk a thin line between being tense and imaginative, but be careful not to step into creepy behavior. Creative word games, although funny and good for displaying your clever humor, is probably best to leave another time.

This murderous combination of nervous naivety and abundant amounts of rum was indeed a recipe for disasters. The beautiful girl was left speechless, while the ego of anonymouslittlebitch quickly drained. Scroll down to see how it unfolds and share your own stories in the comments!

People reacted with laughter and empathy to the DP, sharing their own experiences


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