KOMPAS.com – One by one, a series of popular names in the world of sports must lock themselves up due to being exposed to the corona virus or Covid-19.

The most recent is a veteran racer from the Monster Energy Yamaha team, Valentino Rossi.

Previously, superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were also victims of the virus from Wuhan, China.

The Doctor, nicknamed Rossi, admits that he is sorry and angry after testing positive for the corona virus.

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Because, because he is part of the millions of human beings who are exposed, he was forced to miss the Aragon MotoGP event (11/18/2020) at the Aragon Circuit.

He even had mild symptoms such as flu, fever and bone pain.

Currently, The Doctor is not undergoing isolation in France but is in Italy.

This made him a little lucky. Because, Rossi admitted he would not like being near the circuit but “imprisoned”.

“I took the test on Tuesday (13/10/2020). The results are fine, it has entered the green light,” he was quoted as saying Brand.

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“However, before leaving (Thursday), I started feeling unwell with symptoms of headache, bone pain and back pain. I took my temperature and it was 37.6 degrees Celsius.”

In the rapid test, Rossi actually got negative results. However, when he underwent a PCR test, the results were positive.

“I’m lucky. If I have to spend a week or ten days in Aragon, I fall from the balcony,” joked Valentino Rossi.

After testing positive for Covid-19, Rossi then contacted several of his colleagues.

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One of them is a swimmer who also comes from Italy, Federica Pellegrini.

The female swimmer was also exposed to the corona virus a few hours before Rossi.

“I wrote to Pellegrini, I said: ‘Look, this virus has good eyes because the victim is you, me, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic,” he explained.


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