Gwyneth Paltrow asks for help to support her husband during confinement

Gwyneth Paltrow turned to an expert in sexuality and intimacy for advice.


American actress Gwyneth Paltrow rShe turned to a sexuality and intimacy expert for advice on how to deal with the days of quarantine next to her husband, producer Brad Falchuk, as well as his children.

The professional Michaela Boehm He spoke to the couple via video call. which was recorded and published on Goop, the Oscar winner’s website dedicated to addressing lifestyle issues.

There, the expert and the marriage addressed the issues of how to cope with the isolation situation and the fact of staying 24 hours together under the same roof, in addition to caring for their four teenage children, whom they had children with their previous partners.

It is quite easy with Gwyneth. You know, know when she’s stressed, “Falchuk joked during the session.

For her part, the also singer played the intimacy issue.

We are lucky to have a really solid relationship, but we are also at home, with the children and their rooms are very close. “

Likewise, the actress stressed that distancing can impact their children, Apple, almost 16, and Moses, 13, who were born from their relationship with Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin.

We all feel very close, especially Apple, which is very social. “

Expert Boehm’s conclusion was do not let go of physical contact such as hugs and kisses as well as “practicing personal care, dressing instead of being in your pajamas, putting on makeup or having a good cup of tea to counteract negative feelings.”


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