Gyeonggi bus labor-management negotiations concluded

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The wage negotiations between the Gyeonggi-do bus and labor unions, which had raised concerns about a strike, were concluded a little while ago.

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As a result, today’s bus operation has resumed normally.

Let’s find out by contacting reporters on the way to work.

Reporter Guna-yeon, how is the situation now?

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Yes, I am now at the Saeam Park stop in Unjeong City, Paju.

This place is usually crowded with people who go to work early in the morning.

From about 5 o’clock a little while ago, the intercity bus to Seoul is operating normally.

Citizens are also getting on the bus that arrives every 10 minutes as usual.

Earlier, around midnight, the union declared a break in negotiations, raising concerns about a disruption on the way to work.

However, at around 2 am, the management proposed additional negotiations, and the union responded to this, and in the end, the two sides reached an agreement dramatically around 4:30 am.

The biggest difference of opinion during the negotiation process was the wage.

The union demanded a 17% or more wage increase to close the wage gap with Seoul Bus, but the management struggled with the negotiations as it stuck to the 5% increase due to rising oil prices.

In the end, the union agreed to a 5% wage increase as requested by the management.

Instead, I received a promise from Gyeonggi-do to fully implement the quasi-public operation system until the end of the term of Governor Kim Dong-yeon.

They also agreed to raise wages to a level similar to that of Seoul buses from public buses until 2026.

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If the negotiations broke down and a general strike was held, 92% of all buses in Gyeonggi-do, or about 1,600, were scheduled to stop operating.

However, as the negotiations were concluded dramatically, traffic disruptions on the way to work were avoided.

So far, this is MBC News’ Gunayeon at the Saeam Park stop in Unjeong, Paju.

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