Although exercise should be a routine that we should all incorporate into our day to day, many of us only remember it when it is time to wear less clothing on our body or when health problems originate from a sedentary life.

Lack of time, traffic, overtime or the laziness of having to travel to the gym are four very common excuses among those who do not perform enough exercise at the end of the day. However, practically 100% of these people have state-of-the-art mobile phones. How could technology help us in these cases?

Thanks to these state-of-the-art devices, we have countless applications at our disposal that offer exercise routines to get us in shape, improve our health and even our spirits … And that, in addition, turn the home into the gymnasium of millions of people Worldwide.

Thus, the possibility of being able to train at home without having to go to the cradle of sweat and tight tights is born.

This explains the rise of apps dedicated to fitness. According to a report published by 'Statista', on a global scale, in 2017 they moved 1,905 million dollars, compared to the $ 2,394 million expected to be generated this year. And is that there were 218 million users in 2017 worldwide, a figure that would reach 260.7 million users this 2018.

EXPRESO shares the best applications available for phones with Android and iOS operating systems so you do not run out of this trend and start your training in 3, 2, 1 …

Personalized training

Freeletics It is an app for Android and iOS that offers hyper-personalized training, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a customized training program for each user, week by week, based on their fitness levels and objectives. It also includes hundreds of variations of HIIT-type training, but they are worthwhile for long-term results.

Routine of an angel of VS

P.Volve. Do you want to train like a Victoria's Secret model? This app for Android and iOS, created by Stephen Pasterino, is dedicated to creating long, thin muscles with low impact training. However, with the P.ball accessory you can point to hard-to-reach problem areas.

Ready, Set, Go…

C25K. If you have ever wanted to be a broker but have never been successful, this application for Android and iOS is effective for you. It will start slowly, alternating between a race and a walk with useful beeps to know when to change the pace, and prepare it for the grand finale, a 5K race.

Yoga from home

Movement for Modern Life. When you can not attend your favorite yoga class or prefer to do it at home, this iOS app has something for every mood and level and a list of internationally acclaimed yoga teachers. It is ideal early in the morning to wake up or for post-work, when it has been crushed on your desk all day and needs to stretch.

Additional push

Let's Band. This application has more than 650 workouts using a resistance band, an exercise tool that is just the ticket to add an extra push to your regular exercise routine. The bands are small enough so that you can carry them in your travel bag.

Cardio in the room

Fiit. You can connect this iOS application to your TV or computer and get access to three types of workouts: Cardio, Strength and Rebalance, led by fitness experts and on-demand coaches. There is even the possibility of tracking your performance and competing against others with an additional device that you must carry in your chest.



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